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Made In America, My New Years Resolution

I love that I can say that Happy Hanky and the Hank are handmade in America. I don’t know about you, but I find myself checking hang tags to see where items are made a lot more often. I have even found myself paying a little extra if it means supporting an American manufacturer or business.  This got me seriously thinking….

We live in a new world, where we should be thinking about where we spend our dollars. While we have seen a lot of large companies (and many more small ones) shutter their doors in the past few years, it has also provided many opportunities for people to step out of the corporate world and really follow their dreams of owning a business.  There is something pleasant about thinking how many of our parents and grandparents started businesses to support their families. They were proud to buy American-made products and shop in their local stores.  I think people still have that desire. By making the decision to support small American businesses, we are really helping to restore life to our economy and the American Dream.

I know I am partial to small business because I own one myself but I love hearing the success stories of large companies and how these giants got started (Walmart started out as a small variety store in Arkansas). This is what the American Dream is all about….finding a niche, a need or a new way of doing things and becoming successful at it. Somewhere along the line every successful business is “given a shot” whether it be through a partnership, a loan or from a new customer. So (in addition to blogging more) my New Years Resolution for 2013 is to give new people &  businesses a shot and to put a face to neighborhood & online businesses that I may have passed by. I’m excited about all that I’ll see and who I will meet!  If you’re planning a similar resolution, let me know!!

Made In The USA 

Made In The USA


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