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Things To Put You In the Christmas Spirit…

It’s the week before Christmas and this is the time when all the last minute stresses can really get to you.  Here is a list of things that I do to enjoy the last days before Christmas.

Enjoy Christmas Week

1. Make someone a home made gift. I made these delicious spiced nuts and put them in little jars with a hand stamped tag.

2. Get out and do something in the community. Go to a holiday parade, a winter festival or holiday party at a local boutique.

3. Grab a thermos of hot cocoa, jump in the car and go look at Christmas lights! I love doing this a couple of times throughout the Christmas season.

4. Make cookies! This is the time to indulge…so go ahead and make the chocolate chip, sugar & snickerdoodle cookies! You’ll also have a quick treat to bring to any last minute holiday get-togethers.

5. Make a Christmas craft. I love picking one craft to make during the holidays. This year I made a winter scene globe. You can make one too by following the instructions here.


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