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Happy Hanky at the Local Craft Bazaar

I forgot how much fun it is to bring Happy Hanky to a local craft bazaar. I haven’t been to one since before my son was born so when I saw that they were looking for vendors at our local Craft Bazaar, I was excited to jump back into it.  It’s great to get out and talk to people about my passion…hankies! I feel like handkerchiefs strike an emotional cord with people. Whenever I do an event I always have folks that tell me hankies remind them of their grandmoms or great aunts. And they are always happy to see that hankies are “making a come-back”. There really is something classy and sophisticated about carrying a handkerchief…and I love meeting people that share my love of hankies.Craft Bazaar

Happy Hanky at the Craft Bazaar


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