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INTRODUCING the HANK, a Handkerchief Line for Gentleman

I would like to introduce to you the new line of handkerchiefs for men called the HANK. I have been working on the line with my husband for quite some time and I am so happy to finally be able to bring it to you. The HANK is representative of a time when men were men and chivalry was alive & well. The man that carries the HANK is both modern & masculine and would make their grandfathers proud!
A handkerchief is a pocket staple and practical accessory for every man. The HANK can be used to wipe a forehead on a hot day (or fist-pumping up a storm at the club), to wipe a runny nose during cold season, to wrap up a snack for the road, to protect something fragile in your pocket, as an emergency tourniquet and a clean handkerchief can be offered to a lady to wipe her tears during a sad movie! I hope you love it!

the HANK Men's handkerchiefs


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