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A Return of the Gentleman

I announced on facebook earlier this week that The HANK, a handkerchief line for gentleman, will be coming soon to! I wanted the name of the collection to be both modern and masculine. The men’s handkerchief is a sign of masculinity and is represntative of a time when men took their hats off when they met a lady. My grandpops carried handkerchiefs and my dad still carries a handkerchief.

There are three reasons why a man should carry a handkerchief today: to wipe their forehead on a hot day (or from dancing up a storm at the club), to wipe a runny nose, and a clean handkerchief to offer a lady to wipe her tears (look like a hero during a sad movie!)

I am enjoying working on the first collection of men’s handkerchiefs and can’t wait to share the line with you! 

The HANK men's handkerchief


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