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Back from Colonial Williamsburg!

I am back from my first family vacation to Williamsburg, VA! We had such a great time….visited some historic places, ate in some fabulous little cafes & restaurants, visited a beautiful winery and unique shops. Thank goodness I brought a stack of Happy Hanky handkerchiefs to blot my brow because it was hottt! These are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. I was so inspired by the lovely gardens and cottages that were speckeled all around Colonial Williamsburg and the lovely embroidered items that our ancestors created hundreds of years ago! Hope everyone is having a great summer - have a glass iced tea and enjoy Saturday!

happy hanky handkerchiefs, wedding handkerchiefs 

happy hanky handkerchiefs, wedding handkerchiefshappy hanky handkerchiefs, wedding handkerchiefs

happy hanky handkerchiefs, wedding handkerchiefs happy hanky handkerchiefs, wedding handkerchiefs    

happy hanky handkerchiefs, wedding handkerchiefs


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