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VoiceQuilt & Happy Hanky – Go Together like Peas & Carrots!

I met Hope, the owner of a fabulous product called VoiceQuilt, a couple of weeks ago. She has such a unique product and it is made with the same love, happiness and emotion that Happy Hankies are made with. A VoiceQuilt helps you preserve the “I Love You’s” and the “I’m Proud of You’s” from the important people in your life.  The greetings and memories of close friends can take us back to special times and are such a beautiful thing to have for years to come. A family story, a child’s laughter, a best friend’s quirky expressions… These are all sounds that nurture the spirit! A VoiceQuilt is so unique and it is the perfect gift to give with a Happy Hanky handkerchief!  Read more about how to customize your own VoiceQuilt.


Handkerchief Great Gift with Voice Quilt


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