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The Handkerchief Bracelet: Louis Vuitton vs Happy Hanky

I love wearing Happy Hanky handkerchiefs as bracelets! Many of you have probably seen me rocking the hanky bracelet at events…usually with a fun brooch attached. Louis Vuitton is going retro with their own version of the handkerchief bracelet with a gold clasp. I like their take but I have to admit that I love the idea of picking out my own handmade Happy Hanky and looking for a vintage brooch to clip in the middle! I know I’m partial to my own line but, my frugal ladies, one Louis Vuitton handkerchief bracelet costs $125 and a Happy Hanky handkerchief bracelet costs $15!

Louis Vuitton Handkerchief Bracelet     Happy Hanky Handkerchief Bracelet

Louis Vuitton bracelet picture from December 2010 issue of Marie Claire magazine, p62.


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