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Simple Handkerchief Dolls

The handkerchief doll is a church craft bazaar staple! These old-time, little dolls are perfect to accessorize a holiday gift bag or box.

To begin, place polyester fiberfill in the center of a 6″x6″ piece of fabric. This is the head of your doll so make it as large or small as you want it. Wrap the fabric around the polyester fiberfill to form a ball and hand sew the fabric together that you have gathered under the ball. Cut off the remaining fabric under the part that you have sewn.  

Handkerchief dolls look sweet with lace trim at the bottom. If you would like, you can sew lace trim or cluny on the bottom of the handkerchief. Many Happy Hanky styles already have the cottom cluny trim so this would save you a step.

After you have sewn on your trim, lay the handkerchief flat on the table. Place the head toward the top and center of the handkerhief and fold the handkerchief over the ball one time. Tie a lovely ribbon that matches your hanky just below the ball to form the neck.

Tie a little knot behind the head of the doll using the sides of the handkerchief. This will make the sides of the hanky stick out on either side of the head like angel wings.

Lastly, decorate your doll using lace trim and other small delicate accessories.
Handkerchief Dolls

I hope you were able to get creative this week and try at least one of the “5 Hanky Projects In 5 Days”! Have a good weekend!


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