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Handkerchief Wall Art

Handkerchiefs are so beautiful and decorative so why not frame them?! The best part of handkerchief wall art is it is an inexpensive way of sprucing up a bathroom, decorating a little girl’s nursery or adding interest to a guest bedroom. First thing you need to do is enjoy shopping for the hankies in the color palette that you are looking for! Just like my home decor, I like to mix old and new. So start with a Happy Hanky style that you’ve been wanting to add to your collection and will match your decor then hit some antique stores to pick up vintage hankies to match. Try to make sure all your hankies are approximately the same size…it will help when you are shopping for your picture frames.   After you have your handkerchiefs and picture frames, you need to choose a backing that is acid free. I like using either paper or fabric that will compliment the patterns in the hankies. Next place your hankies upside down on the glass of the frame and place the backing on top. You may need to use a piece of cardboard to give the hankies a tight fit in the frame. Lastly hang your handkerchief wall art in an interesting pattern on your wall and enjoy the compliments from your friends!!  

Handkerchief Wall Art


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