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Handkerchief Pillows

Today starts “5 Hanky Projects In 5 Days”. Each day this week I will detail a project that you can do using handkerchiefs.  

First choose two super cute handkerchiefs. To begin making your handkerchief pillow, first lay the handkerchiefs on top of each other so the edges are lined up.  Next sew your handkerchief edges together by placing the middle of one edge onto your sewing machine using ¼” seam allowance. Sew all sides of your handkerchiefs leaving one corner unstitched.  This will be the hole that you use to stuff your handkerchief pillow using cotton pillow stuffing. If you are having a difficult time getting the cotton into the pillow, try using chopstix to push the filling in. Make sure you stuff the pillow enough so it does not appear flat especially when it is leaned on. Lastly, using a needle and thread, sew up the fourth corner of your handkerchief pillow. Yea! Your first handkerchief pillow!
Handkerchief Pillows Handkerchief Pillow

Pictures are from NanaLulu’s Linens.


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