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Talking Handkerchiefs With Tami

I was so happy when Tami Reed from Talking with Tamicontacted me about mentioning Happy Hanky handkerchiefs on her show and blog.  Tami also has a love for hankies and had inherited many of her granny’s handkerchiefs. She loved my fresh take on the classic accessory. Tami is having a party in a few weeks and will be giving Happy Hanky to each guest along with a vintage teacup – love it!   You can check out her blog post on Happy Hanky handkerchiefs at the link below and browse her site….she’s a doll and a real inspiration for all entrepreneurs!

Handkerchiefs & Teacups

Tami Reed started her own talk show in 2005 and has interviewed many big celebrities like Fergie, Usher, Jane Fonda and many others. She has been featured in many magazines and guest blogs on numerous sites.

 Happy Hanky on Talking with Tami




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