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Collecting Vintage Handkerchiefs

Collecting vintage handkerchiefs is a fun and inexpensive hobby that I just love. They can be found in antique stores, on Ebay, at flea markets and estate sales. For me, this is the best time of year to go “handkerchief-ing”  at the antique stores in Lambertville, NJ. The weather is perfect for a stroll and I feel so satisfied walking back to my car with little bags filled with hankies.  Though I have not met anyone that has gotten rich off collecting and selling hankies, some are actually worth more than others. My absolute favorite ones to collect are the Burmel hankies from the Handkerchief of the Month Club that was seen in Vogue magazine in the 1950′s. I will never forget when I found a handkerchief at a flea market with the Burmel tag still attached!            

(side note…if you decide to take a trip to Lambertville, make sure you have breakfast at the Full Moon Cafe!)

Burmel Handkerchiefs Handkerchief of the Month Club Ad

Next week starts “5 Hanky Projects in 5 Days”. Each day I will show you a new, creative way to use your handkerchiefs! Have a good weekend and Happy Halloween!


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