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Handkerchief Sachets

If you’re a handkerchief lover like me, you probably have piles of vintage hankies from your mothers and grandmothers. There are so many fun little things that I’ve seen created using vintage hankies. These handkerchief sachets are defintely one of the cuter and easier ways to make use of your hankies.¬†They make a great gift too!

From Skip to My Lou, below are simple directions on how to create your own handkerchief sachets:

1. Take one handkerchief and lay it out flat.

2. Fold the handkerchief in half and then half again. Line up all edges and press.

3. Machine stitch around the handkerchief about a half inch from the edge (on larger hankies I sewed 1 inch from the edge). Leave a one inch opening on a side that can be filled.

4. Fill handkerchief with dried lavender.

5. Close opening by finishing stitching line. The stitching line could also be embellished with hand embroidery.

Handkerchief Sachet


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